Thursday, October 20, 2016

Chhinnamasta - Vajra Sarpa (2016)

The debut EP from India's Chhinnamasta comes as a mixture of raw black metal and atmospheric effects and although it does sound rather grim and evil, it is lyrically based on Hindu mysteries, metaphysics and cosmology. It also worth noting that the band use what we'd saw is the swastika in their logo. However, the meaning here is not at all the meaning attributed to it by Hitler and the Nazi regime. Since you have the Library Of Alexandria 2.0 at your fingertips, I suggest you research the original meaning of the symbol before Hitler appropriated it, much like several other things in his regime. The Nazis were obsessed with the occult and with speaking to a race of alien beings known as the Vril society, so there were a lot of symbols and ideas used from various belief systems in order to create his empire. It would be fascinating if it wasn't insanity. The band is a two-piece, with Chakravartin Vladcult performing the vocals, guitars, bass and keyboard compositions that you see here (I will warn you that this record is more keyboard and atmosphere-laden than it is based in black metal) along with Khaos Illuminant performing the drums. It's not a very long record, mainly sandwiching one lengthy black metal piece (In Search Of A Primal Light) right in the middle of two lighter soundscapes. As I said, the raw black metal feeling that one wants from the band, they'll get - but only for the duration of that one track. Vladkult has a near bloodcurdling scream that he utilizies, sounding quite pained and working rather well with the familiar tremolos in the piece. It's nothing new in that regard, but the mood created by the keyboards and effects here are well worth mentioning. I actually found more in those areas than I did the black metal, because it came off as something I've already heard done to death as it is. I still feel that there's something here however, and would recommend that you give it a listen. Not too shabby, gentlemen.

(3 Tracks, 20:00)


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