Thursday, October 6, 2016

Svartidaudi - Hideous Silouhettes of Lynched Gods (2016)

Iceland's Svartidaudi are about to release yet another EP, and this one is unfortunately much shorter than the band's previous (The Synthesis of Whore and Beast) released back in 2014. I know what you're saying, but some new Svartidaudi is better than none, right? In any case, we've two tracks on the EP and twelve minutes between the two of them. I should note that the production quality has actually changed a bit here, there's more that one can discern of the vocals and they seem to have an almost death metal mentality to them. But the rest of the disc still manages to bring forth the same ominously dissonant black metal, albeit with a heavier punch that nearly pushes the band into a blackened/death territory. After hearing this EP, it's a bit tougher to call these guys black metal and aside from tremolos, I've always felt that the vocal approach had a great deal to do with whether or band is black or death metal to begin with. But if the band chooses to move into this more barbarous vocal direction, I suppose I'll support it.

Svartidaudi have really put Icelandic black metal on the map and they're going from being whispered about in niche black metal circles to a possible widespread acclaim which could see the band eventually reaching a height of commercial popularity. Time will tell. Listeners are getting a slew of dissonant tremolos peppered with an vocal style reminiscent of Entombed's L-G Petrov, something I never would have expected from the genre, yet am glad is being attempted. Perhaps some of the icy melodies have been chipped away, and it's not all that very cold, but there's not an awful lot of ice in Iceland to begin with. Fans shouldn't be dissapointed with this one if they're open to a modicum of change. The rest on the other hand, will be plenty happy with the band's previous outputs. Sometimes, that is just how things go.

(2 Tracks, 12:00)


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