Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Teorema - Teorema (2015)

Since nobody gave a shit about this Mexican duo, it's my turn to give it a proper review. First of all, Teorema is a raw, but audible death/sludge kind of like Acid Witch. Sometimes they even introduce more rock elements into their music, like with “Damned Country” which sounds like groove-rocker backed with furious grunts. Sometimes the grunts are in the background, but it's still the kind of disc I can behind. That's because I can tell that these musicians did the best with what they had. This self-titled is their debut and currently only release, which actually comes attached to a label (Lxs Grises). So I don't really know what happened or why when I type the band's name in, all I can find is some film by the same name. I will say that this oddly entertaining mix of death/sludge, rock and what can even become a sort of atmospheric soft-rock, is something worth checking out due to the sheer sporadity of it all. “Saint Place” might starts out rather burly, but it calms down to almost a meditation level. “Spiritual Madness” sounds like sheer death metal, but it also allows for psychedelics. Even “Times Of Sin” sounds a bit unique in composition, playing on some progressives. Seriously? You people aren't hearing this? I'm astonished. I know that the drums might sound a little far away at times, but these guys took a bit of a fuzzier and more organic route with their production. Again, I think they were just doing the best they could with what they had. Though in listening to this wildly textured release, I can't say that that is such a bad thing. I would have never expected such an airy cut as “Fuegos Fatuos” nor would I have expected such an intriguingly bleak closer in “Abysmos.” The guitars and drums were played in such a fashion to create the illusion of a vortex, adding in some unexpected drone to a disc that has played with death metal, groove, sludge, atmospheric soft rock and more. It makes me rather upset to see that there aren't any real English language reviews for this release, and it's definitely worth a listen for those of you looking for something a bit more from your sludge. I really hope that a lack of reviews and promotion doesn't serve as a detriment to these guys creating future albums, because there's something rather interesting in this one and I'd implore you to go seek it out.

(8 Tracks, 37:00)


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