Thursday, March 28, 2013

Notice To All Bands/Labels/PR

If you don't hear a reply to the email you send me with your material, do not panic! I download everything that I get in my inbox and go through it as I have the time and like to have the reviews up ASAP!

I just don't have the time to respond to every email. But when we update, be sure to check back. Keep in mind that I cannot and will not lie about whatever music you send me though, I want to be as truthful as possible with these reviews. Take note on the Amaranthe review.

Due to a slight mishap, the reviews that I was supposed to post today will be posted tomorrow. Yes, there are band requests and PR in there. Don't think that I've forgotten about you guys at AFM Records! I'd also like to get a new spotlight with Savage Annihilation up either tomorrow or Saturday. It's been long overdue and those guys really deserve it!

- The Fallen Alchemist

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