Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Interview With The Amenta Now On New Noise!

"First of all, explain the concept of Flesh Is Heir. What exactly does this mean and how does this concept relate to the album itself?

Flesh is Heir is thematically about the war between the two sides of the human psyche. We all have these two sides, though some lean further to one side than the other. The first aspect of humanity is one that we have termed “The Obliterate.” The Obliterate is the aspect of us that desires to be subsumed by something greater than itself. Existence drags behind it a huge bundle of troubles, worries and strife. The Obliterate seeks to escape these issues by losing the understanding of the self by become just a small part of something greater. You can achieve this annihilation of the self through booze, drugs, religion, violence and sex amongst others. The other aspect in the war is one that we call “The Realist”. The Realist, rather than trying to destroy the self, actually tries to propagate it. This aspect is the desire for survival and individuality..."

More Here: http://newnoisemagazine.com/amenta-explains-flesh-heir/

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