Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Izegrim - Congress Of The Insane (2013 NN Promo)

"It’s really tough to say anything bad about the new Izegrim album, as it is a bloodthirsty beast from beginning to end. Just as in the vein of great female fronted extreme metal bands like Arch Enemy, Astarte and more recently Morgengrau; Marloes really proves that she’s got a venomous bite and sets the bar with this powerful release – I mean, it’s just scathing as far as vocal prowess is concerned, with the drums carrying the force of a bulldozer and the riffs thick and razor sharp, just as I like them. You’ll definitely hear Arch Enemy influence on this album, but just as much as you’ll be reminded of Carcass. Yes, it’s that kind of record. You can’t tell me that “Decline And Fall” doesn’t remind you of Carcass, even if just a little bit – and then “Celebratory Gunfire” comes blazing right in after that. This catchy number comes on the back of an instrumentally crushing performance and is that female fronted bit of spite that you need after the Butcher Babies gateway drug has worn off. This is the real deal, the heroin and cocaine of heavy music; which is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more..."

More Here: http://newnoisemagazine.com/album-review-izegrim-congress-insane/

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