Thursday, October 17, 2013

Saint Vitus - Die Healing (Reissue) (2013 NN Promo)

"Out of the two reissued Saint Vitus albums that I received, this 1995 release and the band’s final before their seventeen year hiatus (they released Lillie: F-65 in 2012) really managed to set off something in my brain. This is the disc that really clicked for me and I think that was due to the extravagant vocal approach of the frontman at the time; a man by the name of Scott Reagers. Apparently he was the band’s original frontman before Wino joined in 1985 and the album was intended as a comeback record of sorts. I would certainly hope that it was well received, as I can tell you that this album definitely contains some of the greatest and most deranged vocal performances that I’ve ever heard throughout the history of doom metal. And while that might sound a bit uncanny to you, (perhaps you might think that I’m fibbing or trying to find a reason for this five) I really must assure you that I’m being completely honest..."

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