Monday, April 4, 2016

A Thousand Sufferings - Burden (2016)

Considered blackened doom, these Belgians also enjoy their grooves and moments of stoner rock as well, adding up to a performance that is certainly uncommon for the blackened doom genre. But you want to know what it really sounds like? Well, if you liked Celtic Frost's Monotheist and the Tryptikon work as of recent, then you're really going to find something here and I don't mean maybe. It has that stoner-doom feel, but with a definite black metal tinge that just goes perfectly with with the goblin bark of the frontman. Keeping that in mind, we also get some classic rock style solos (while still keeping that blackened groove intact, mind you) which might seem a bit out of place in other genres, but seem to work here. It just feels natural and fans of this stuff will want it in their collection from the first listen. “Bloodletting” opens it with a thick approach more common to what I just mentioned, while “Lamentation” adds a little bit of atmosphere to deviate things up a bit before traversing familiar territory. “Remembering Treasures” is where it all ends, but offers us an expected dose of what in the background almost feels like My Dying Bride style doom, complete with a vocal style that feels much different from what we've been hearing. It's a nice change of pace, as I was worried that this type of band could end up in a sort of derivative rut that makes them nothing more than a Triptykon clone. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case and although admittedly rough in some areas, this is a step in the right direction. I wouldn't mind hearing more from these guys in the future. (The Grim Lord)


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