Monday, April 4, 2016

Buffalo Theory MTL - Skeptic Knight (2016)

Buffalo Theory MTL are a stoner doom act from Quebec that pretty much perform a rather solid take on the genre. The vocal approach here is a bit thick, so it might be hard for some listeners to get into; but the record is full of heat, thunder, groove and blues at heart, which I think is what the listener will appreciate most. There aren't a lot of songs here, and they aren't all that long either, but they show enough of Buffalo Theory MTL to make you a believer. I can't just trample all over the band because the vocal approach is a bit more foreign then I'm used to, especially if musically the approach is top-notch. These guys will get your feet on the floor and your head banging regardless. The formula works well and probably comes off rather well live. There are a lot of these kinds of acts out there right now, but Buffalo Theory MTL have enough where it musically counts to stand toe to toe with the rest of them. They exemplify the genre, which is certainly not the worst thing you can do. If you like stoner doom with loads of catchy groove and blues moments, then you'll find something here to like. (The Grim Lord)


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