Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ifrinn - Self-Titled (2016)

After a rather long atmosphere, the self-titled album from this one man project fully kicks into gear. The performance we're getting is a sort of musty black/death stuff, with more emphasis on the black metal than the death. It's really tough to tell when the approach is thrown into the mist as it is here, and the decidedly raw production value makes it sound even more like it was recorded somewhere underground. But that's not going to be a problem for you, especially if you like the kind of grim and evil approach that this style of metal embodies. You're going to want it raw and dripping from the bone with that vile sort of muck, the kind that embodies the very spirit of evil. Now I couldn't tell you what he's going on about here, but I can tell you that he seems rather passionate about it and people are going to feel that. With the vocals shoved way in the back and the drums pushed as far forward as can be, you can pretty much get a feel for the listen right then and there. The album is so thick that we're almost glad to hear the synthy interlude, “Sulphurous Oscillations” and the well-needed break that it gives us from the madness. Additionally, it shows us that Ifrinn is capable of more than just misty black/death. Aside from this lengthy piece (as well as the long atmosphere “Descent Into Shining Labyrinths” that I discussed earlier) the band offer three metallic cuts that will more than warrant a purchase, especially if you like the kind of madness that breathes while it causes chaos. Ifrinn's Self-Titled is devious, yet restrained and I feel that's what makes it interesting.

(5 Tracks, 29:00)


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