Monday, April 4, 2016

Manic Scum - Acidic Remains (2016)

Tennessee's Manic Scum create death metal, in case you wouldn't have guessed from the album artwork and it's quite promising. This track only showcases about four tracks from the act, but they're definitely enough to assure you that we've got a strong force for destruction here. Acidic Remains is pure devastation. The production value here isn't quite as raw as some of the stuff I've been reviewing from Embalmer and Decrepit Soul, but it still retains a raw quality that balances out with a very audible drumming performance. The record sounds very deep for some reason, almost like it was recorded in a sort of tunnel – but that's not going to shy you away from the performance which is delivered with just as much finesse as any death metal act during the era. Aside from the drumming, the vocals consist of the thick gravel that we'd expect, along with a handful of guitar solos that come in and out. But these guys are more interested in pounding out death grooves than in making artistic masterpieces. It comes in hard and fast, leaving you sore the next day. It is kind of interesting to note that the album's title track almost begins like a classic thrash track from the eighties before it gets to pummeling, so keep that in mind as you maneuver through what is a no-holds-barred effort that sounds just like you remember. (The Grim Lord)


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