Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Six Reasons To Kill - Rote Erde (2016)

Germany's Six Reasons To Kill craft what I'd consider a mix of melodic death and groove metal, which comes in like an absolute fist with the title track. The listener gets a literal earful of brass knuckles, which remind of hardcore acts the likes of Sworn Enemy and Hatebreed. But there's a little more here than that, as a tinge of melody sweeps into the main riff of the song and leads into a rather unexpected and full-bodied solo. It's definitely the kind of song that you'd listen to before going to kick someone's ass in a fighting tournament. Interestingly enough, Dismember's “Of Fire” is also covered here, to an obvious change in style and tempo. On this piece we're definitely hearing more melody (as expected) with a tinge towards what I'd consider an At The Gates, or Dismember style of playing (as it's obviously a cover track.) The track later incorporates an almost southern groove, which I'm not sure is a part of the original or not, but it works. I may not know as much about Dismember's early work as I should, but I do know that what I'm hearing is finely crafted melodic death metal with a lot more structure than the title cut and original focus of this piece. I'm sure that Six Reasons To Kill have a lot to offer, but when your original is overshadowed by your cover, I sense that there's a major problem. My challenge to the band is to offer something to me that sounds even better than the Dismember track featured here. A tall order, but it'll definitely separate the men from the boys. I need to note that this EP release follows no less than a total of five full-lengths, so there's a good chance that they've met my challenge and perhaps you should dig through their catalog to find out. It just didn't work for me this time, fellas. (The Grim Tower)


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