Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Taarkus - Stones (2016)

Taarkus, even though they might sound like a brand of obscure Norwegian black metal; are actually a Californian psychedelic occult rock group with a female vocalist as the center-point. I'm welcomed by heavily watered down doom riffs that portray instead a more rock nature, as eerie synths compose most of the background, along with some unexpected and rather welcoming flute work. I'm getting a little bit of Goblin influence here as far as the instrumentation is concerned, which is a good thing. Especially for this kind of act. The riffs do manage to pick up a bit and lead into a more doomy atmosphere, but it still gives off more of a rock feeling than anything else. I personally feel that the flute and keyboards really stick out here, especially when the riff compositions are at most pretty commonplace for the genre. But we wouldn't want it to change that much, would we? While there are just two songs here, they're enough to show what Taarkus is capable of and if you like creepy doom rock stuff with female vocals, you'll find something in it. (The Grim Lord)


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