Friday, May 6, 2016

Gallower - Witch Hunt Is On (2016)

Poland's Gallower play blackened thrash, and they like little epic intros as well. Some might actually look at “Intro” and feel that it's two minutes they could have left off the album. This is a minor gripe, and I think some of the old heads are going to agree with me on this one – but don't you like it when you can just throw on a record and the metal starts right then and there? After the pomp, we finally get right into thick of it with “King Of The Ashes” which is a little rough, but that's what you want. Gallower sound like they recorded this in an underground bunker somewhere, but I know that you'd simply have it no other way. The drums hit hard, the riffs are audible and the vocals can get pretty fierce. Maybe the frontman isn't the best there is, but you really don't care when you listen to the act and hear that they have a definite kind of passion and firepower. It's not a long record, you can hear the Sarcofago a mile away and it more or less does it's job at being black thrash. Maybe these guys need a bit of work, but for right now, this it's pretty decent. At least you know what you're getting from a record that pulls no punches... well, except for that intro (which in listening to the rest of this record now, seems completely out of place.)

(7 Tracks, 22:00)


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