Friday, May 6, 2016

H.P. Lovecraft - Hallowe'en In A Suburb and Other Tales (2016)

Though horror writer and veritable legend Howard Phillips Lovecraft has been dead for almost a century now, (you can do the math on that one) several audio recordings of his poems will be released over the next few months. What began with The Hound and The Music of Erich Zahn continues with this secondary release, and continues the Andrew Leman (Co-founder of the H.P. Lovecraft historical society) voiced interpretations of classics like the title, as well as “The Cats”, “Garden”, “Astrophobos” “Despair” and “The Messenger” (which is a personal favorite.) Leman's voice dictates these tales almost fragrantly, but with a fragrance that certainly smells like that of wilted flowers and slimy fish gods. The piece is only about eight minutes in length, which makes me hopeful that an eventual CD compilation of all of these tales will be available for purchase someday in the near future. It is certainly fitting to see that these atmospheres are backed by that of Theologian, who seems to be able to capture the atmosphere of Lovecraft's looming dread quite well. My only real qualm with these are the format, as not everyone likes thick LP's and some of us prefer more concise and easier formats, like a CD and digital release. Once again, I'd love to see all of these tales collected on one medium, where I would then warrant a purchase. It's not that the material isn't brilliant, because it is – I'm just not a fan of the retro vinyl hipster trend.

(2 Tracks, 7:00)


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