Friday, May 6, 2016

Ice War - Dream Spirit (2016)

Shadow Kingdom and Iron Bonehead have brought us an act that sounds like it's come blaring right out the eighties. Sure, the title cut isn't exactly amazing (even though there is a pretty crazy guitar solo to be had) and “Warriors Of The Sea” is a little forgettable, even though a tad catchy (funny how that works, but at least the playing is good) but the song that I kept singing over and over in my head is “Chains and Leather.” The longest track on the recording, this fiery anthem has Priest and Venom written all over it. Though the Venom I'm talking about is the slower Venom, not the speedier stuff that you might expect. Hell, you might even want to compare this to Manowar. Surely the riffs smell like unwashed loincloths, albeit with an almost trippy little solo that I didn't really expect. That being said, this is one track that really caught my attention and makes the record worth your while. It's not all that long, but the title cut and this one deliver just enough for your buck that I'd recommend it. It's a shame that we had to wait several decades to hear track like “Chains and Leather.” Bands would be covering that by now had it been made long ago. Who says that the eighties glory days of heavy metal are dead?

(3 Tracks, 12:00)


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