Sunday, August 21, 2016

Blog Update (8/21/16)

Went through the listened promos today. It took about an hour or so to give them a good-flip through and see which ones were actually worth eventual review and immediate review. I put a few in the current week folder (will be covering those this week) and some in the shortlist, but I ended up throwing twenty of them right into the abyss.

Why? Because I can't cover everything. I'm only one person here and I do have a life outside of writing album reviews. There's no money in this either, but I love to do the work and think of it as a hobby. That's why I feel it is only necessary to not only cover physicals and what you personally submit via email (and you will have to remind me sometimes) but those records that literally kicked my ass. There are a few records where I just know that "x" is something I want to cover. I get tired of albums that don't offer anything interesting and feel like something I've heard before. Decent, but run of the mill. I hear a lot of records like that and would prefer to leave them to the thousands of other reviewers out there throughout the world. There are full review teams that try to cover as many records as they can with many people, so hopefully these records I passed on will get reviewed by those teams.

Keep in mind that it is only me, reviewing 12 albums a week with an additional four for New Noise and weekly interviews beginning sometime in September. I'll boost that to single paragraph reviews for the monthly shortlists, in which I will cover twenty albums. I will also review the odd book or game. Films are a bit too cumbersome for me to review.

I will also be vastly limiting my social media time so that I can do other things with my life, like working on more reviews as well as novels and short fiction pieces. I promised myself that I would write a new novel every year, and have broken that promise for four years now. I utterly devoted my life to this work for a number of years, and did not feel that the return was worth the effort. I will now be doing this work at my own pace, in order to enjoy it a little more while still leaving room in my palette for storytelling. Thank you for understanding, and I hope that you'll continue to check our Mon-Thurs (when life does not intervene) updates starting next week. I'm showcasing new material as well as old, just as in the preview I offered this past week.

- The Grim Lord

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