Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Endalok - Englaryk (2016)

Icelandic atmospheric black metallers Endalok will soon release this rather mysterious and unsettling release later in October. It is what you might consider close to something like Portal or the many bands that have been inspired by them, but not quite the same. First of all, there isn't any real bite here in the beginning. It seems like it embodies a brand of black or even death metal, but doesn't often resort to kit destruction or even what I would consider an angered vocal approach with the exception of the last two cuts. The enigma here deliver a sort of atmosphere that I would merely describe as something ancient. It feels like a dark ritual and with Iceland apparently reaching back into the roots of Paganism, there's a possibility that this release is a summoning to some ancient pantheon. One might think towards the realms of Hades, Loki, Persephone, or something far older and most-likely forgotten. Whatever it is, I hope it's successful in such a summoning. When the record kicks up a little more in the latter two cuts, we're introduced once again to that great sense of melody that Icelandic black metal has always been very successful with, with an added dose of ritualistic fright that feels truly unholy. Endalok are reaching into realms few traversed by atmospheric black metal, with a style and sound that will surely become greater recognized over time. There is little known about the act right now, but there will be. It's available on Bandcamp for a “Name Your Own Price” but you'll have to wait until October to hear it. It'll be worth it around that time, because I've always felt October the best month for frightening music like this. The Icelandic black metal scene has always been an awesome one at any rate, with an atmosphere all it's own. Englaryk is no exception.

(4 Tracks, 17:00)


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