Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Howling Giant - Black Hole Space Wizard Pt. 1 (2016)

Hailing from Tennessee, Howling Giant are the kind of stoner metal act that pushes the genre a little further than most. With a wonderfully catchy vocal end that features elements from all three of these musicians, as well as four distinctly different songs that take off in ways I wouldn't imagine, Howling Giant might be one of the best up and coming stoner/rock acts in the state right now. There is an obvious commercial edge to pieces like “Mothership” and “Clouds Of Smoke” but in my eyes, that follows in the same kind of territory as Mastodon's more accessible Crack The Skye release and I'm not complaining one iota. The band are able to craft what I'd consider rather complex, keyboard driven hypnotic atmospheres that even feature a little bit of H.G. Wells thrown in for good measure. Fans of various stoner acts, as well as stuff like Mastodon, Kyuss, Floor and maybe even Tool will find something here, but just keep in mind that there are a hefty amount of doom riffs to be found on some of the cuts here. I've listened to it probably around five or six times now and can't wait for the second part!

(4 Tracks, 21:00)


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