Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kai Reznik - Scary Sleep Paralysis (2015)

French electronics composer Kai Reznik has released his first EP, even though technically this one came out in October of last year. I have no earthly idea as to why the artist's actual full-length, Unreleased (Feb '16) is priced at a thousand euros, but I don't think that's going to encourage anyone to buy it. So be thankful that this digital EP is fairly priced and worth listening to if you like the sort of ambience which might include chiptunes (Post) or even Europop friendly nodes amidst what can actually be quite foreboding (The Recognizer) depending on the mood. The disc also features guest work from Oll Korrect and Sasha Andrès. It's a rather solid electronic piece with loads of potential in it's rather unexpected sense of murkiness, but I feel that some of the high-pitched laser effects on “Monster5” can be a be a bit much for me. I think said cut would be better if they weren't quite so rampant in the mix. Sometimes less is more. There is a twenty minute cut called “Nails and Crosses” which seems to show the composition at it's best, but most of that is silence leaving us to more of those high-pitched theremin-like tones. I think I get the idea, but I'm not necessarily feeling it as much on the second listen. Check out the Bandcamp for yourself and give some of these cuts a listen if this seems like something you would be into. This would sound great in a game, but that's just me...

(5 Tracks, 38:00)


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