Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Noyades - Noyades (2016)

When I first heard this recording from France's Noyades, I honestly thought they were terrible. The production was very raw and it just sort of sounded like a poorly-recorded live performance from a small venue. Though as I continued to listen to the disc, the band managed to take me on an unsuspecting ride through realms that I cannot accurately describe. There is a definite factor of trip here, but it doesn't become apparent until a little bit after the second cut, “Bear Rider” in which the band pull out all the stops and just jam for about fifteen minutes. Yet when these get to jamming, well... they really jam. The experience of “Reflections” is something akin to being on LSD without actually being on LSD. It takes you through the same kinds of realms that musicians first discovered when they began tripping on acid and writing this kind of music, which has successfully made it's journey from the 1960's all of the way to 2016. That's nearly sixty years of trip, and hopefully it'll equal out to another sixty years of the same wonderful approach that doesn't require one to be under the influence to enjoy. At least for me. These hypnotic, proggy compositions are what intrigues me the most about the act and made me quickly change my tune. That's why I try my best to listen to every album I receive and make sure to give them all a thorough overlook before I decide on whether or not to write a review. Noyades are definitely worth it for those looking for something a little “out of this world” and wish to take a little bit of a trip without ever leaving the house. Reality is a bit overrated anyway.

(3 Tracks, 23:00)


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